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Our name “Wordculture” reflects our teaching philosophy: the successful synergy of words and culture. Language is for us more than simply a vocabulary list. It is a key factor in achieving a successful integration.



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In the hurly-burly of our modern lives, the needs of children are often forgotten. At Wordculture we put the needs of children first, and as it is never too early to learn a new language. It has been scientifically proven that it is easier to learn a language at an early age. Children are more receptive to learning a language, and this process can also further support and promote their development.


At Wordculture individual consultations are important to us. For us, every student is unique, which is why we always take into account different approaches to learning, other languages and cultural backgrounds. We are ready to offer you help and advice and are always willing to listen to your questions.


The success of our relationship with our students and clients is important to us.
To provide quality language services and support to our students and business clients is our number one priority. We also carry out regular quality control checks in order to ensure we maintain the highest standards
In 2013 a language school was founded, that would offer quality language services, as well as being child friendly. This was the beginning of Wordcultre. We are still driven by these ideals, and drawing on our wealth of knowledge and know-how, remain committed to passing on our passion for languages to our students.

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I wish I had known the school when I moved to Zürich; you learn a difficult language in an easy way and you meet great people
Katriona from Scotland

Great German language courses in small groups taught by well prepared and highly motivated teachers. Ich have learned German at B2 level in no time
Damian from Poland

After studying at different schools, I finally found Wordculture, where I really feel motivated. With a small group and a competent teacher, I can see a real progress in learning German”
Fernanda from Brazil

I have found a friendly and constructive school where I can focus on my German…and with the lessons, exercises and structure of Petra and Steffi and my effort, I hope to pass my A2 Prüfung
Katie from America

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