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Our competent teachers will quickly get you speaking and you will be able to celebrate language success after only a short time when you can communicate in Bosnian with your friends and their family. See for yourself and come by for a trial lesson!


Our Chinese courses are very popular with young and old. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world, so you can benefit from a good knowledge of Chinese in many different ways. Take a look at what we have to offer!


Immerse yourself in the diversity and subtleties of the world's number 1 language, which now comprises more than a million words. Whether it's Business English, the use of phrasal verbs, or Academic Writing, Wordculture is the place to be if you wish to improve your English skills!


Not just langue de l'amour. As one of the four national languages of Switzerland, a good knowledge of French can also be of great advantage in a professional context. In our French language courses, you will achieve your language goals in a fun yet effective way!


If you want to integrate into Zurich life and gain a foothold in Swiss society in the long term, a good knowledge of German is a basic requirement. We have a wide range of German courses on offer - standard courses, TELC exam preparation, naturalization courses etc. - you will find everything you need at Worldculture!


Bella Italia is right around the corner from Switzerland - what could be more a more motivating reason to learn this language? The next time you visit, you can show off the language skills you've acquired with us and talk about culture, music or food in Italian with the locals.


Benefit from our small, dynamic groups, our long-tested approach and the expertise of our native-speaking teachers. Soon Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana will no longer be foreign words to you!


Polish is considered a difficult language. Not with us! Our experienced teachers make it easy for you to get started and create varied and interesting lessons. Whether it's a standard language course or preparation for the PaF language certificate, we have something for everyone.


240 million native speakers - 240 million good reasons to learn Portuguese. Check out our wide and varied range of different language courses, both in Portuguese and Brazilian.


Always wanted to read Tolstoy in the original? We are happy to support you on your language journey! Visit one of our Russian courses and learn not only the language but about Russian culture, literature and history, thanks to our native-speaking teachers.

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