New at Wordculture: Music lessons for kids. We combine language learning with great leisure activities!

I think it’s great that Wordculture is expanding the children’s program. My daughter is learning French here with enthusiasm, even though she had big problems with the language at the beginning. We will certainly try other courses at Wordculture!

Svenja from Germany

Find out more about our music lessons here:

Our music lessons are focused on learning an instrument, the recorder, based on the Diandoalino method.

Diandoalino flute lessons are a new form of music education for children from pre-school age to primary 3, which awakens joy in music making. Elementary musical education, instrumental technique, perception and ear training, music history, acoustics, sound physics, colour theory, composition and improvisation form a unit in the musical learning process. These elements are taught in an interdisciplinary and integral way. Music theory is taught with the help of extensive illustrative material, physical experiments and games, which serve to deepen the learning process. Sensory perceptions play a major role, especially in acoustics and sound theory. The history of music is conveyed vividly and audibly through the repertoire of classical, contemporary, folkloric music and jazz, rock or pop.

In this way, the children are given their first taste of the wonderful world of music and musical expression in a playful, vivid and child-friendly way. Of course, in small groups of max. 6 children and accompanied and guided by our trained music teacher Michaela.

spielend leicht

My son is in the child care with Alessandra and I appreciate her kindness and patience a lot. He is really enjoying his time with her.

Irina from Russia

Important information about our music courses:

It is varied! In our courses, the following competences are taught or promoted, among others:

  • Reading notes/sheet music – note values/names – pitches
  • Scale according to Kodaly method and absolute scale / circle of fifths
  • Recorder course
  • Instrumental knowledge and technique
  • Motor skills/fine motor skills
  • Ear training/voice training
  • Music and speech memory / melody and speech/music rhythm
  • Learning games on the theme of music
  • Rhythm, beat
  • Dance and movement
  • Sensory and perception development
  • Songs and singing / Phonological awareness


Course Details:

Course start date: every month, just contact us!
Course duration: 3 months
Course days: Monday or Friday
Course times: 3-4:30 pm (age group: 4-7)
Course times: 4:30-6 pm (age group 8-12)
Number of lessons: 18 lessons à 60min.
Course price: 630 CHF plus 60 CHF materials

The courses are held in German or Swiss-German, so that the children also improve their vocabulary in this special field and get more confident in the active use of language among their peers.

At Wordculture you will find high-quality and didactically valuable leisure activities for children.

Language courses, painting courses, music lessons – all under one roof, it couldn’t be easier and more flexible! If you book three courses with us for your little ones, you will also receive a 10% discount.

Do you have any questions about our music lessons for kids? Please call us:

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