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New at Wordculture: Graffiti for girls. We combine language learning and great leisure activities!


We are very happy with the new kids courses at Wordculture. Our daughter  took the painting course already now she will be trying the Graffiti workshop! It is great that Wordculture offers so many learning opportunities for kids!

Paula from Italy

Learn more about our Graffiti workshop for girls:

The aim of Graffiti for Girls is to encourage girls to discuss art and design while advancing interpersonal relations and forging lasting social bonds. Wordculture recognizes the need for students to not only learn a language on an academic level, but also to build confidence by applying newly acquired knowledge in an authentic, real-life situation outside the classroom. Graffiti for Girls offers immediate transfer opportunities. Peer-to-peer interactions and working collaboratively accelerates bonding within the group, thus improving learning outcomes by utilizing approaches to socio-emotional, and non-cognitive skills which supports them to become agents of their own success.


Why Graffiti?

Lowbrow Art, such as graffiti, often has a sense of humour and/or social commentary and is accessible to people who have not had a formal training in visual art. It stimulates the child in terms of colour, shape and form, but also appeals to the growing need to articulate and discuss abstract ideas. Graffiti is an accessible, tangible method of raising cultural awareness via the English language.

The workshop will be held in English, so that the children also improve their vocabulary in this special field and get more confident in the active use of language among their peers.


spielend leicht

I think it’s great that Wordculture is expanding the children’s program. My daughter is learning French here with enthusiasm, even though she had a lot of problems with the language at the beginning. We will certainly try other courses at Wordculture!

Svenja from Germany

Important information about the Workshop:


Part 1 = 120 minutes


Part 2 = 150 minutes Rote Fabrik


  • 1.     Introduce graffiti by showing slides
  • 2.     Discuss likes/ dislikes
  • 3.     Banksy
  • 4.     Vocabulary
  • 5.     Draw
  • 6.     Discuss/ critique peer-peer (*positive attributes only)


  • 1.     Discuss etiquette/rules of conduct
  • 2.     Tour graffiti gallery
  • 3.     Paint
  • 4.     Discuss/ critique



*The artist is encouraged to be reflective and discuss what to do differently next time. Peers

Workshop details:

  • Dates: every months
  • Time: 10-3pm
  • Price: 220 CHF (incl. materials)
  • Age: 9-12 and 13-15 years


At Wordculture you will find high-quality and didactically valuable leisure activities for children.

Language courses, painting courses, music lessons – all under one roof, it couldn’t be easier and more flexible! If you book three courses with us, you will also receive a 10% discount.

Do you have any questions regarding our graffiti workshop for girls? Please call us!

+41 44 396 7080

Or write to us and get registered here:


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