We are offering many new language courses for kids. Whether is it German, French, English or Chinese summer is the perfect time to learn a language or to brush up old skills. Our language courses for young kids are taught by experienced teachers who design the lessons to provide variety and interaction, as well as ensuring that learning a language is a fun and an enjoyable experience for the children.

We have developed an integrative concept that adheres to the following principles:

Young children learn best through play: our language lessons for preschoolers are therefore play-based, highly varied and interactive. Good teaching awakens and strengthens children’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity. Simply quizzing them on vocabulary is of no use here. The desire to participate in play will automatically entice children to develop their language skills.

Children learn with all their senses: Language lessons for preschoolers should appeal to as many different senses as possible, because children experience their entire living environment through their senses. This is also the case in the classroom: seeing, e.g., through books, pictures, bright colors and materials; hearing, e.g., through singing, instruments, storytelling; feeling, e.g., a soft blanket, a hard rock; smelling, e.g., smelly pillows; and tasting, e.g., during a snack or picnic.

Children need movement: Good language instruction for children includes as many opportunities for movement as possible, because the connection between the development of language and motor skills is scientifically well established! Movement is, of course, particularly suitable for demonstrating movements (e.g., sitting, standing, walking, hopping). But other topics can also be illustrated by movement and thus be better internalized. For example, for adjectives: to represent “small” (squat down and tuck your head in) and “big” (stand up and stretch your arms and legs), to name just a few examples.

We do everything we can to make the first contact with a new language positive, so that the joy of language learning is encouraged. Everything that children enjoy, that makes them curious, that inspires them to act, that they can and want to experience with their senses, all this is suitable for effective language teaching.

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to meet you personally or to offer your child a free trial class!

Example of a course structure: German, beginner`s level: 12 lessons of 60 min. = 450 CHF (incl.materials).



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