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Course Modes

Group Classes

Take advantage of our small groups! With a maximum group size of 6 participants, our classes allow for a homogeneous group level, interactive and dynamic lessons and a high level of speaking time for each participant.

Hybrid Classes

New at Wordculture: the most realistic virtual classroom. Modern technology makes it possible - you can decide from week to week whether you want to learn online or in the classroom. It doesn`t get any better than this

Online lessons

Whether on Zoom, Skype or Teams, you can attend your classes - group or private - online, saving you the trip to the school and allowing you to make the best use of your time.

Private lessons

You have full flexibility - decide on days, times and learning pace! We develop a customized program that considers your goals and needs.

Semi private lessons

Everything is more fun in pairs - even learning! Whether with a colleague, a partner or a friend, you learn in a group of two with freely selectable days, times and an individual program designed according to your wishes.

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