We are offering a new online course in Swiss German for beginners, which starts the 22nd of June and which takes place every Monday from 12 to 1:30 pm. During the course, you will become familiar not only with the language but also with the culture, traditions and customs of this beautiful country.

After doing an accurate research and considering many online learning apps and software, Wordculture has opted for EducateOnline, the best online solution for high quality language learning, individually and in groups.

This is how it works:

It is very simple. The teacher will email you an invitation to attend the class. You click on the link and enter your virtual classroom. You do not need to install anything on your computer!

Your benefits:

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • you can choose to record a lesson
  • You can easily share and download documents
  • online tests
  • and many more…

Just call us for a trial lesson!

Swiss German course: Days/Time: Mondays / 12-1:30 pm / Course fees: 756 CHF (16 lessons of 90 min)


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