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Language Course Bosnian C1

Join our language course for Bosnian C1. Our courses for advanced learners offer students the opportunity to master the Bosnian language. Our experienced teachers are native speakers and will provide you with a supportive and rich learning environment, as well as insights into their own culture. With our small class size (3-6 students) and up to date teaching methodologies we will give you every opportunity to ask questions, as well as the chance to speak and practice the language as much as possible.

At the end of the this course you will be able to talk fluently on a range of complex and abstract topics, including the use of idiomatic expressions. You will also be able to write with confidence, using the correct grammar, spelling and an extensive vocabulary.

It is possible to complete an entire level in one course, and depending on the intensity of the course, this can take between 2.5 and 6 months.

These courses are designed for adult students who have finished B2 and would like to continue to a more advanced level C1.

We can offer you the flexibility of studying at our centrally located school, in the comfort of your own home, or at your workplace.

Good news for all parents:

Our courses can be booked with onsite childcare. Our qualified care givers look after your child/children. So you can relax and easily learn a language while your child is taken care of. Take a look at our special offer for families!

Sample quote for a language course for Bosnian C1:
1. Option: (This course includes more lessons and repetition units):
Course time: morning/lunch/evening
Number of lessons: 56 lessons of 60 min.
Course fees: 1960 CHF (monthly instalments possible)
2. Option:
Course time: morning/lunch/evening
Number of lessons: 48 lessons of 60 min.
Course fees: 1680 CHF (monthly instalments possible)


Our prices are based on certain criteria depending on the course.

A complete price overview can be found here:

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