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Italian writing courses B2/C1/C2

Language: Italian
Level: B2, C1, C2
Course Structure: Group courses, Private lessons, Semi private lessons, Skype
Course Focus: Writing course
Our Target Audience: Adults, Business, Students
Length of Course: 4 months
Lesson Time: Afternoon course, Evening course, Lunchtime, Morning course, Saturday course
Location: Business Clients, Zurich

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At the centre of our Italian writing courses lies the question: what constitutes a good text? Why is it that some texts are read with pleasure, whereas others are quickly laid to one side?

In these courses, we focus on achieving a well-structured, comprehensible and polished text. We also encourage the use of a more creative, expressive language and support you in order to ensure that you can express your ideas clearly and persuasively.

Our courses are designed for adults (foreign as well as native speakers) who would like to improve their written Italian. We can offer you the flexibility of studying at our centrally located school, in the comfort of your own home, or at your workplace.

Sample quote for a writing course (B2/C1/C2):

Course time: morning/lunch/evening
Number of lessons: 24 lessons of 60 min.
Course fees: 840 CHF (monthly instalments possible)

Please contact us for a detailed quote and to arrange a free trial lesson!
Let us know your preferences, and we will find the course and time to best suit your schedule.


Unsere Preise richten sich individuell nach bestimmten Kriterien, je nach Kurs.

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