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Exam preparation course German A1-C2

In our exam preparation course German A1-C2, we help students prepare for a range of qualifications and certificates across all levels.

You can rest assured on the day of the exam, that you have been well-prepared with model tests, role-playing and presentation practice in order to achieve your best result.
99% of our students successfully pass their language exams. This result alone speaks volumes for our teaching methods!

Our exam preparation courses are designed for adults and students who wish to prepare for a specific exam, such as:

Goethe A1 to C2
Telc C1 to C2
Telc C1 Hochschule
Telc für Mediziner B2/C1
Telc Deutsch B1-B2 Beruf

Wordculture is an officially recognized Telc Examination centre. You can sit the exam directly at our school.

We can offer you the flexibility of studying at our centrally located school, in the comfort of your own home, or at your workplace.

Sample quote for an exam preparation course German A1-C2:
Course time: morning/lunch/evening
Number of lessons: 24 lessons of 60 min.
Course fees: 840 CHF (monthly instalments possible)

Please contact us for a detailed quote and to arrange a free trial lesson!
Let us know your preferences, and we will find the course and time to best suit your schedule.


Our prices are based on certain criteria depending on the course.

A complete price overview can be found here:

  • Course registration for Exam preparation course German A1-C2

FAQ zum “Thema”

Do you provide customized courses for companies?
Yes, we work with many companies for whom we develop tailored programs. These courses can take place at our premises or even directly at the company.
How many caregivers are there for the children in Childcare?
At Wordculture there are never more than 6 children in a childcare group and these are accompanied by at least 2 caregivers.
When can children go to childcare?
Children and toddlers from 6 months of age can attend our Childcare.
What is your methodology for children’s courses?
Our motto for children’s language courses is: learning by playing and having fun. At Wordculture children learn in small groups with exclusively native-speaking teachers and playful methods, instead of lecture-style lessons. We sing, play, dance, work with visual media and music. This method has proven particularly suitable for children aged between 3 to 6 years.
Does it make sense to take a writing course, if the language is not the mother tongue?
It definitely makes sense. Our writing courses are designed for foreign-language learners who, for example, need to write a lot of emails / letters at work and want to be more secure regarding their written expression.
Will my speaking skills really improve by taking a conversation course?
Yes, definitely. In our conversation courses, you will practice typical dialogue situations and important vocabulary for oral communication. After attending a conversation course, you will speak much more fluently.
What exactly is a revision course?
A revision course is the compact version of a standard language course. It makes sense to take a revision course if you have already acquired a certain language level and have forgotten some things through a long break. With our revision course, you will not have to repeat a whole level. Instead, you will focus on the most important aspects in a compact form. We offer these courses for all languages.
What is done in the citizenship preparation courses?
In the citizenship courses, we prepare you for the citizenship interview. You will receive a brochure with the most important information on Switzerland's politics, geography, and history, which we will go over together. We also simulate the interview situation, asking you typical questions. This way, on the day you will be very well prepared and can take your interview with peace of mind.
Is there a high failure rate in the telc exams?
In fact, 99 percent of our students pass the telc exam.
Do you offer telc and Goethe exams?
We offer both telc and Goethe exam preparation courses. As Wordculture is a licensed examination centre for telc examinations, you can take your telc examinations with us.

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